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Huna Secrets For Mental Health

Before westerners came to the islands, Hawaiians did not have mental health disease. In Kona, Dr. James carries on the lineage of Kuauhaoali'i Huna and the last practicing kahuna of mental health. He explains the relationship between forgiveness, mental health and being "pono" — totally at peace — and how it can help people today achieve success, happiness and mental and physical health.

Huna and NLP: Ancient and Modern Keys to Wellbeing

Dr. James studied Neuro Linguistic Programming, a practical behavioral technology for helping people achieve their desired results in life, with NLP pioneers Richard Bandler and Wyatt Woodsmall in the 1980s. He explains the relationship between NLP and the ancient Shamanistic Hawaiian spiritual system of Huna.

Ancient Lessons For Living Green:

Hawaiians lived in island kingdoms divided into districts known as Ahupua'a that encompassed lands from the high mountains to the sea and incorporated many land uses. Dr. James explains what we can learn about environmental sustainability from the Hawaiian understanding "Aina" — the land and people as one — and how this view can help us avoid future environmental catastrophes.

Personal Prosperity In A Shaky Economy:

In Huna, money is considered a form of energy. Dr. James explains how understanding this helps individuals to take personal responsibility for their own economic situation and flow their finances to build wealth and economic security.

Bridging Ancient And Modern:

An expert on Hawaiian culture, history and spiritual traditions and author of The Foundation of Huna: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times, Dr. James translates the timeless wisdom of indigenous traditions for living in today's world.

Beating Depression And Anxiety

Dr. James first practiced Transcendental Meditation at age 5, pursued training in therapeutic disciplines in his teens, earned graduate degrees in his twenties, and later completed his Ph.D. in Integrative Psychology. He shares what two decades of studying Huna has taught him about overcoming depression, anxiety and negative emotions.

"Bad Mouthing" Comes Back To Bite:

Many people try to build themselves up by criticizing others, either verbally or with judgmental thoughts and feelings. Dr. James explains how people can focus on their own path to find peace, fulfillment and purpose.

Better Sex Through Huna:

The Hawaiian understanding of male and female energies can give couples a new spark in the bedroom and a deeper connection in their relationships. Dr. James explains how.

Huna For Parents and Families:

Dr. James shares practical tips from Hawaiian culture and the Huna tradition for raising, disciplining and empowering children for lifelong success.

Lineage — Connection In A Disconnected World:

Every one of us has a connection to our past through our family, faith, culture and history. Dr. James explains how connecting with lineage helps people discover new purpose and meaning.

Unpacking Your "Black Bags:"

Dr. James' Huna seminars draw highly successful people from all walks of life who visit Hawaii seeking to broaden their lives. Participants in these "purpose-filled vacations" visit Hawaiian sacred sites and learn traditional arts such as hula and chanting from elders. Dr. James explains how these trainings help people, from elite athletes and top medical professionals to military veterans and people fighting physical illness, overcome limiting and negative emotions to find new success and potential in their lives.

Mastering The Matrix:

The palace in Kona had a telephone before the White House did. Hawaiian tradition has long embraced new technology without being dictated by it. Dr. James explains how people can make sure screen time doesn't overwhelm and damage human connections that matter most.

Healing Warriors:

Thousands of American troops are coming home from Iraq andAfghanistan with hidden psychological scars of war. Dr. James discusses how to recognize post-traumatic stress disorder and help these returning warriors. He cites specific examples of helping veterans heal from PTSD.

Tiger, Jesse And Cheaters Du Jour:

Dr. James discusses what our society's fascination with celebrity indiscretions says about us, and what forgiveness means in the context of celebrity scandals and our personal relationships.

Uniting A Divided Nation:

America is more divided today than at any time since the Vietnam War. Dr. James discusses how people can get beyond blame and name-calling by accepting personal responsibility for our thoughts, words and actions to get united now.
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